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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pre-teaching (I guess that's what you'd call it!!)

We're off to a great start with Read to Self in first grade! As of Friday, we made it to 10 minutes... and I was able to confer with two students during that time!! This shows me that my firsties are ready for the next step, which will be Work on Writing.

Something that I haven't mentioned yet, but that I feel is really important, is "pre-teaching" how to use some of the materials. I've found that this really helps when it comes to building stamina and being independent during Daily Five time. For example, I know that writing in their journals will be a choice during Work on Writing time, so I've already been teaching them just how to do that. Now, when we start actually practicing Work on Writing, it's one less thing we have to master.

Other things I've started "pre-teaching" include whiteboards and playdough. Both of these will be used for Word Work time, but I've already been teaching the whole class how to use these materials.  When it's time for Word Work to be introduced, they'll already have a handle on how to care for these items and how to use them properly.

This year, I think I'm also going to attempt to pre-teach other Word Work materials such as linking letters, magnetic letters, and alphabet stamps. Showing the whole class how to use these materials and giving them time to practice now will help to make it an easier transition during Daily Five time. I've also started introducing some of the websites we'll be using, such as Tumblebooks for Listen to Reading.

Just my random Sunday afternoon thoughts as I am planning for this week! :)
~Komos :)

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