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Monday, March 5, 2012


For the first time ever, I've felt a need to limit the amount of children who do Read to Someone during a particular session. My class this year is just loud. And while they are usually actually reading and talking about what they're reading... it's just loud.
Starting about 2 weeks ago, only 6 children can do Read to Someone at a time. We average 3 sessions daily, so this means 18 out of 22 kids still get to read to someone each day. Plus, I'm conferring with individuals and more often that not, I ask them to read aloud to me then.
I think this may have increased the motivation to read to someone, too. Now it's a more "coveted" Daily with its limited number. This makes me happy because I really do see great benefits in having them read and talk about it with peers! It also helps build fluency in an authentic way.
So... changes. Still keeping the oh-so-important element of choice but making it manageable. When we're ready, we'll go back to letting it be a choice for more than 6 at a time!


  1. Laura, I am going through somewhat the same situation. At my school, we do a spelling program called Word Journeys. I used to have a separate spelling practice time so that I can watch them practice with their partners. But often we were rushed, and I was not able to really see if they were ALL practicing... the test scores were telling me that they were NOT practicing so well... I decided to make word work a must-do choice twice a week when parent volunteers come in. They practice the spelling words with them. WOW, what a difference! Not the test scores are looking pretty good:) By giving them "must-do's" I feel that I'm taking away the beauty of the D5... but they can still choose which round they want to do it and how they practice the words when they are not with the parents. Whatever it takes!!

  2. I too was having difficulty with Read with Someone during our regular rounds of Daily 5 this year. I tried limiting the number of students that could choose, but they were still disrupting the rest of the class and myself as I was conferring with students. I love the interaction and discussion students have when doing Read with Someone, so I tried a new approach. Everyone did Read with Someone at the same time as a separate round and I didn't do regular conferring at that time. Instead I would confer with a couple of partnerships as they were working together. Worked like a charm!