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This blog is simply my thoughts, ideas, and suggestions related to the Daily Five and Cafe. I give full credit to the creators of both Daily 5 and Cafe, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, also known as The Sisters. I have attended their workshops, read their books, and subscribe to their website. Everything else, I've interpreted on my own! :)
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Monday, October 1, 2012


Here we are, already on the first day of October! My, how time flies. We are making really good progress on our Daily 5 implementation this year. I still have a few friends whose stamina doesn't quite match the rest of the class, but I've decided not to hold back the rest of the class because of it. When their stamina starts to falter, they remain quiet so it doesn't disturb the rest of the class!

I prefer to introduce the Dailies in this order!
Last week, we began implementing choice between Read to Self and Work on Writing. This step was highly motivating and exciting for my first graders! It is helping them take ownership of their learning as well. We had built up our stamina to over 10 minutes for those two components, so it was time to introduce choice. We are currently doing two 12-15 minute sessions daily.

We have these three up and running so far!
We also started learning and practicing Listen to Reading last week. During another time of the day (usually handwriting practice time,) six children at a time were given a chance to Listen to Reading. We have one partner area for Listening, as well as four individual Listen to Reading boxes. Once the group of 6 had listened to a story or two, another group of six had a chance. My goal this week is to offer choice between three components (Read to Self, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading.)

While we've been working on these 3 components, I've also started pre-teaching how to use our Word Work materials.Children have already been working with the following:
individual whiteboards
magnetic letters
letter tiles
magic boards
This way, when we begin practicing Word Work today, the students already know how to use the materials and where they belong so they can focus on the work they should be doing during WW time.

I've also been finding ways to sneak in time to begin meeting with groups and/or individuals. It is absolutely essential that we take the time to build our stamina and learn the right way to do our Daily 5... but I also am responsible for meeting with groups already. I've been able to pull one or two groups during a session of our Daily Five time, but right now, I'm also pulling groups at other "odd" times of the day just to squeeze them in. This way, it doesn't interfere with the important work kids are doing while they practice the Daily Five.

So, in a nutshell, that's where we currently stand! As it looks right now, I'm thinking we just might have all five pieces in place by the end of October. But only time will tell! :)


  1. Sounds like you are all settling into Daily 5 brilliantly Laura. Thank you for your terrific blog. It's so great to read about your journey and to feel like we are not alone in our journey. We are just in the first year of implementation across our Junior School and really appreciate experienced hands such as yourself sharing what you do. I'm considering purchasing some of the training videos Gail and Joan have on offer to share with my staff. I'm wondering if you have seen or perhaps used any of these videos and could suggest which of them would be most useful?
    Thanks again for your great blog!

  2. Hi,
    I love the Daily 5 and CAFE! I'm currently in my 3rd year implementing it. It takes time to "perfect". I feel like I'm finally on my way. Thanks for sharing your insights and ideas!
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