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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Glimpse into our Individual Book Tubs...

Friday is our official "shopping" day! For the past two weeks, we have started our shopping time by counting up how many books we have in our book tubs. Then we count how many of those books we actually read this week. That number is the starting point for deciding how many books to choose. This is starting to sink in as they are becoming more and more responsible with their choices. And it turns out that each book tub is as unique as each individual reader.

This little friend has discovered Magic Tree House books. He has decided, like many of us that he would like to read more books in the series! After I took this picture, he did put back 3 of these titles when he realized he probably couldn't read them all in one week!

This book tub belongs to my little friend who loves princess books so much that she even wears princess underwear (as she told us last week!) She has decided that she is going to try some new kinds of books this week. She went with a variety of fiction books including picture books and chapter books.

This little reader is a HUGE fan of animals and nonfiction books. As much as I try to encourage her to step to the side and try something new, she just really wants to learn about animals! We have grand conversations about saving the world, one animal at a time. How can I deny her that?! She is passionate and driven to learn about animals, so why not give her the tools to help her to just that?

This lttle friend isn't quite sure what she would like to read! She is really interested in "boy stuff" as she tells me, but she noticed one of her friends with a Judy Moody book in her book tub. I think that might have inspired her to try that one and the Lucy book.

One thing I am really proud of as I look at these pictures is the variety of books in my students' book tubs! This is yet another example of how different we all are as readers. I love that their book tubs are filled with picture books, chapter books, fiction books, nonfiction, poetry, and now, even magazines! I truly believe this is helping my children to build their reading lives and increase their knowledge/skill base, too. Not only are they choosing books "at their level", but they are becoming more independent as they choose books from around the room and learn to justify why that is a good choice for them.

How are your students doing with their book choices? Are they growing and expanding their reading lives?